Once you place your order, remove your headlights from your car. We recommend going to a professional due to the fact that some cars require you to remove your bumper and to avoid broken tabs. Afterwards use a box big enough to fit both headlights and cushion them with bubble wrap. Make sure there are no empty spaces as damage may occur while transporting. Write your order number inside or outside of the box, where it's visible for us to find. Ship your headlights to: 

6743 Dublin blvd, #17, Dublin, CA

Once your headlights arrive to our warehouse, we will mark them as arrived in our systems and begin work! 

Pre-built means they are built on OEM cores. All orders are built to order and not upgradable with any options. The builds are standardized with pre selected options.To avoid downtime with your car, we have a pre-built option that'll allow us to customize a separate set of cores while you still have your current headlights. Every pre-built order is required to have a core deposit. When an order is placed, we will begin sourcing and customizing a separate set of cores, making them brand new tailored towards your desired customizations. Afterwards your new headlights will ship out to you. Once they arrive we recommend removing your old headlights and installing your new customized headlights immediately. After installing, you have 30 days from your delivery date to ship your old headlights to us, otherwise the additional deposit will be forfeited. Please use our boxes and packing material that were delivered to you. Write your order number inside or outside of the box where it's visible for us to find and ship your old headlights to us. Once they arrive we will inspect your headlights for damages. If your original cores were sent with damages, BayOptiks will either deduct a portion of your deposit or retain your deposit. Damaged lenses are acceptable. After passing our inspections, we will then refund your core deposit deposit. Please ship your old headlights to:

6743 Dublin blvd, #17, Dublin, CA

Your cores should retain all their original brackets. Broken brackets, frayed internal wires, chipped tabs, rust, water damage, or cracked exterior cores are considered damaged. Your original cores must be functional. Outer lens condition does not matter. If your original cores were sent with damages, BayOptiks will either deduct a portion of your deposit or retain your deposit.


All sales are final across all of our products and we do NOT accept returns. We can only exchange taillights/carbon fiber for the same model taillights/carbon product if there is a defect which needs to be verified and evaluated via photo and video proof.

Due to the customized nature of headlight orders, custom headlight build cancellations are subject to a 25% non refundable fee unless it is a special case (e.g. transfer of ownership of the vehicle) which require documentation and we determine if the fee is applicable or not on a case by case basis. The 25% cancellation fee is required due to special order/unique/non-refundable parts as well as labor and services rendered. 

We recommend professional removal and installation of the headlights and we are not liable for any damage incurred from self installation. In some instances, coding may be required for the headlights for all features to function 100% correctly. Coding and associated fees are the responsibility of the buyer.