E82 E88 Pre-LCI 1 Series DTM Ring Retrofit (Xenon headlights only)

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Our DTM ring retrofit will modernize your E82 with extremely bright 6k DTM rings. Take it a step further with our optional LED carbon fiber eyebrows which flash amber when signaling!


This premium pre-LCI e82 DTM ring retrofit includes:


  • V3 DTM or 3/4 DTM in 6k color wit advanced gel coated LEDs
  • Satin black out (housings, shrouds, corners)
  • 1 year parts and labor warranty


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Note: You are paying for a headlight modification service which requires you to ship us your headlights. The service itself includes the installation of rings and associated parts but does NOT include new headlights. If you require new headlights at an additional cost to start with, please select "New OEM headlights" from the headlight option selection.


All orders are unique custom individual orders, therefore sales are final and nonrefundable.

  • 2008 - 2010 1 series E82 coupe & 1 series E88 convertible